Djee Games is an indie game company in Montreal, Canada region and was founded by Marc Bourbonnais.

We develop games on handhelds, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

After 20 years in the visual effects industry working on high-end feature films and even setting up his own digital effects studio Modus FX, Marc wanted to go back to what he missed the most in his very busy life : video gaming. A long-time gamer, he still keeps his past 17 game consoles close by in his home.

With the current popularity and accessibility of mobile games, it was the perfect medium to develop his own labels. He produced a first title, Flakes!, to understand how game developing works and test the markets. With this acquired knowledge he developed a new game: Planet Lander. He is currently working on additional features for Planet Lander as well as preparing new games to publish in the near future.


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