Planet Lander presskit

Planet Lander is a new game on smartphones that reinvents the “space lander” genre, taking the classic gameplay and adding exciting new features like multiple lander modules to pilot, different planet environments with variable gravity and hazards to avoid at all costs! The player needs to safely land on a small platform, carefully controlling his speed, a chosen space module using only its thrusters and the planet’s gravity while avoiding tunnel walls and peculiar hazards. Planet Lander is now free to download and play on iOS and Android handheld devices.

Explore 60 levels with 3 goals to achieve for each level. Earn stars and gems to advance through the game and share your progress! You can acquire up to 5 space modules, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. With all these features combined in a complete game package, Planet Lander can be fun to play as a quick time-killer or enjoyed by the long-term gaming enthusiast.

Features :

  • Revamped and enriched “classic space lander” gameplay on handhelds
  • 3 different planets
  • 60 levels to explore
  • 3 goals per level : land safely, catch the floating gem, beat the time goal
  • 5 modules to pilot, each with their own characteristics
  • Earn stars and gems, share your successes with friends
  • Leaderboards and achievements
  • Available languages : English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Português, 日本語, 正体字, 正體字, 한국어, русский

Platforms :

Release date : June 2015

Price : Free to download and play, In-App purchases

Contacts and social media :

Marc Bourbonnais, owner and developer, Djee Games:

Videos :

Planet Lander full gameplay (3:45):

Planet Lander gameplay teaser (0:50):


About Djee Games :

Djee Games  is an independent games publisher from Montreal, Canada and was founded in 2014 by Marc Bourbonnais. After 20 years in the visual effects industry working on over 50 high-end feature films and starting up the digital effects studio Modus FX, Marc wanted to go back to what he missed the most in his very busy life: video gaming. A long-time gamer, he still keeps his past 17 game consoles close by in his home. He produced a first title, Flakes!, to understand the basics of game producing and publishing. With this acquired knowledge he developed a new game:  Planet Lander. He is currently working on additional features for Planet Lander as well as preparing new games to release in the near future.

More info on Marc Bourbonnais on his web site:


Selected Articles:

  • “Djee Games founder on inspiration behind new game: ‘I was hoping to see some form of sequel to Jupiter Lander'”

by Jose Cardoso, Gamezone

  • “Planet Lander iPhone app is fun, but challenging!”

by John McNamara, The App Review Zone

  • “There’s a new game in town, and it’s primed for the big stage. This one is called Planet Lander.”

by Tre Lawrence, Android Rundown


Graphic assets – screenshots, logos and icons:

Download Complete Graphics assets package (8MB Zip file):

Screenshots :

  Level_36_1080x1920 Level_51_1080x1920 ModulesMenu_1080x1920 LevelsMenu_Lorux_1080x1920  PlanetsMenu_1080x1920

Planet Lander icon:


Planet Lander_icon_1024



Planet Lander_icon_512

Logos :

Game_Title_v02_800x800_Main.1   Game_Title_Stars_800x800  Banner_1024x500_v02   Djee_logo_vert_v01_size02


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