Flakes! Game Guide

Tired of long, harsh winter? Now is your chance to fight back! Melt the snowflakes yourself!

First, download Flakes from your App Store:

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After the last leaf of autumn falls to the ground, waves of snowflakes will start to fall, get ready! Each wave has a timer bar and a score bar at the bottom of the screen. Score enough points to reahc the goal before time runs out and you will advance to the next wave.

in Flakes! you can melt the snow by touching a sequence of identical snowflakes. A longer series of snowflakes gets you more points! Touch them with your finger until you get to 7 snowflakes or when the snowflakes timer at the top of the screen fills up.

Here is how you score points by melting:

  • 2 snowflakes : 50 points
  • 3 snowflakes : 100 points
  • 4 snowflakes : 200 points
  • 5 snowflakes : 400 points
  • 6 snowflakes : 800 points
  • 7 snowflakes : 1,000 points

If you cannot complete a level, the snow will start to pile up… When the screen is filled up, it’s game over. From time to time, you might see the sun appear amid the snowflakes, touch it to get a little help from warm sunrays!

any question or comments on Flakes : support@djeegames.com

Thanks for playing Flakes!